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Holiday Seasons Fireplace Safety and Maintenance Tips

The holidays are the time of year when many homes are bustling with activity and out-of-town guests, including small children and pets that are visiting unfamiliar surroundings. With the winter, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, comes the inviting warmth of a roaring fire. Whether your fireplace is fueled by wood or by gas, there are safety precautions that you should take to keep your family safe this winter. ...

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Fall Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Fall is just around the corner; is your fireplace ready? It’s almost that time of year when we warm our hearts and homes with a relaxing fire. Many homeowners have installed a gas fireplace or insert for the ease of use and low maintenance offered by the latest gas units. However, because gas fir...

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How to Choose the Right Umbrella

With so many options, choosing the best umbrella for your situation can sometimes be a challenge. Umbrellas come in different sizes, shapes, heights, fabrics, and with different stands to fit your needs. ...

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Environmentally Friendly Patio Furniture

Environmentally friendly furniture is furniture that lasts.Built to the highest standards, the patio furniture we offer is designed to withstand the outdoor elements for years. Lesser quality “department store” furniture will begin to fray, fade, chip and rust after a few short years, ending up in t...

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How to Choose the Right Patio Furniture

With so many options, choosing the best patio furniture for your situation can sometimes feel overwhelming. Here are some variables to consider: Wind: My location is often windy.Choose a heavier material like cast aluminum or steel. Dust and Pollen: My location can be dusty due to pollen, fiel...

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How to Build and Maintain a Wood Fire

Whatever your wood burning system, you can improve its efficiency and reduce air pollution by learning to burn correctly. The knowledge and skills needed to operate a wood burning system effectively need to be learned and practiced to get them right. Although it is not brain surgery or rocket s...

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