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Environmentally Friendly Patio Furniture

Is my patio furniture environmentally friendly?

Environmentally friendly furniture is furniture that lasts.

Built to the highest standards, the patio furniture we offer is designed to withstand the outdoor elements for years. Lesser quality “department store” furniture will begin to fray, fade, chip and rust after a few short years, ending up in the landfill in favour of a new set far too quickly. Not so with our furniture; in fact, we’ve seen our patio furniture passed down from parents to children!

But what if I get tired of my furniture?

We offer an excellent solution—freshen the look of your furniture and outdoor décor by recovering your cushions! Cushion recovering offers the perfect option for updating the look of your furniture rather than trashing it in favour of a new set. We offer hundreds of outdoor fabrics in beautiful colours and patterns.

Custom recovering is also a great option for tying together the look of several sets of furniture in one space. We can recover existing cushions or custom-make new cushions and pillows to tie together your entire outdoor livingspace.

— By Les Sulpher

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