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How to Choose the Right Patio Furniture

Which style of patio furniture is right for my outdoor livingspace?

With so many options, choosing the best patio furniture for your situation can sometimes feel overwhelming. Here are some variables to consider:

  • Wind: My location is often windy.
    Choose a heavier material like cast aluminum or steel.
  • Dust and Pollen: My location can be dusty due to pollen, fields, etc.
    Choose a material that can be hosed down like wicker or aluminum.
  • Hot Sun: My location is always hot and sunny.
    Sling chairs are the coolest option.
  • Cool Shade: My location is always cool and shady.
    Cushion chairs are the warmest and cosiest.
  • Swimming Pool: I have a swimming pool.
    Choose furniture that will dry quickly. All of our cushions will drip dry in half-an-hour. Sling chairs will dry even more quickly.
  • Body Shape and Height: I want to feel comfortable in my furniture.
    Consider the body shape and height of the people who will be using your furniture most. We can help you to choose furniture that will best suit your body shape and height, based on measurement.
— By Les Sulpher

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