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How to Maintain Patio Furniture?

All of the patio furniture we sell has been specifically designed and manufactured to remain outdoors year-round.

Here are some helpful tips to keep it looking like new:

Protection from Rain—what happens if my cushions get wet?

All our fabrics are made for outside use. Although we recommend storing them out of the elements so they are ready for use any time, if they do get wet, you can expect them to dry very quickly. The cushions and fabrics used on our deep-seating will drip-dry in half-an-hour after a rain shower!

Winter Storage—What should I do with my patio furniture over winter?

Some people choose to stow their patio furniture in their garage, barn, or shed to protect it from the elements. However, not everyone has indoor storage space available for their outdoor furniture! Our patio furniture is designed to withstand winter conditions. However, to keep furniture protected from snow and ice, we recommend covering it. We offer off-the-shelf or custom patio furniture covers.

Cleaning & Maintenance—How should I clean and maintain my patio furniture?

Cleaning and maintenance differs depending on the material chosen. Here are some guidelines:

  • Wicker:
    Once a year, scrub your wicker furniture with Sunlight soap using a floor brush and rinse with your garden hose.
  • Wood:
    To maintain the original colour, you should treat your wood furniture every year or two years. We offer wood oils and cleaners and can recommend the right one for your furniture.
  • Aluminum:
    This durable material will not rust so no maintenance is required!
  • Steel:
    Steel will rust so check it often for any nicks. If you find a nick, touch it up with rust paint to avoid rusting.
— By Les Sulpher

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