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Building a Top Down Fire

The top-down fire was a real breakthrough for me back in 1993 when I learned about it and has made my fires consistent performers ever since. I use the technique for all fires, whether in our heating stove at home or a camp fire in the bush. It does take a little practice to get right and yo...

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Five ways to control heat output

Everyone who heats with wood struggles with the problem of controlling heat output during the relatively mild weather in fall and spring. Just turning down the air control when a stove is making too much heat can often result in more smoke pollution, creosote deposits and wasted energy. So h...

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Can firewood be too dry?

Properly seasoned firewood still has a fair amount of water in it, say 15 to 20 of its weight. That water acts like a regulator of the combustion process along with a few other factors like piece size, load configuration and combustion air supply. The higher the fuel moisture, the slower the ...

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A Guide to Residential Wood Heating

If you heat with wood now or are considering the use of wood fuel for home heating, this book is for you. Wood as a home energy source differs in important ways from all the other options. Heating with wood can be challenging because of the physical demands involved. Special knowledge and skills are...

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