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Cantilever Umbrellas

Treasure Garden Cantilever 2
Collection Manufacturer:
Treasure Garden
Collection Model:
Cantilever Umbrellas

When looking for a larger umbrella, Treasure Garden’s Cantilever Collection is offered in several sizes, packed with features and function. It’s multi-position provides many shade solutions.

Collection Models: Cantilever Octagon

0003 Cantilever Octagon 10 Octagon–Ag19
10' Octagon - AG19
0002 Cantilever Octagon 11 Octagon Ag28
11' Octagon AG28
0001 Cantilever Octagon 11 Octagon Akz
11' Octagon AKZ
0000 Cantilever Octagon 13 Octagon–Akz13
13' Octagon - AKZ13

Collection Models: Cantilever Rectangle

0000 Rectangle 10X13 Rectangle Akzrt Tilt
10' X 13' Rectangle AKZRT Tilt
0001 Rectangle 10X13 Rectangle Akzrt
10' X 13' Rectangle AKZRT

Collection Models: Cantilever Square

0002 Square 10 Square Akzsq
10' Square AKZSQ
0001 Square 10 Square Akzsq
10' Square AKZSQ
0000 Square 11 5 Square Akzsq11
11.5' Square AKZSQ11

Frame Finish Options


Base Options

Akz13 Base
AKZ13 Base
Amk Concrete
AMK Concrete
Amk Ground
AMK Ground
Amk Wood
AMK Wood

Fabric & Colour Options

Treasure Garden offers a wide selection of 100% Solution-Dyed fabrics available in Acrylic, Bella-Dura®, Polyester, and Solefin®. A wide variety of vibrant colours, beautiful patterns, and fine textured fabrics available at six different price points. Our fabric selection allows you many design possibilities to achieve your desired look.

Click here to download care and cleaning instructions (PDF format).


Solution-Dyed Acrylics (Grade A+/A Fabrics) – Acrylic fabric has become the standard for outdoor use, and Treasure Garden is proud to offer 100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic fabric choices from top mills like Sunbrella, Outdura, Sunbury and Docril. Acrylic is a durable and colourfast fabric, suitable for outdoor umbrellas, cushions, pillows, and draperies.



Solution-Dyed Bella-Dura® (Grade A Fabrics) – Treasure Garden features bold and bright fabrics by award winning, Bella-Dura®. The Cha-Cha Collection is earth-friendly, 100% recyclable and made in the USA. These textured fabrics provide a timeless performance and style to any outdoor environment.

Bella Dura®


100% Solution-Dyed Polyester (Grade C Fabrics) – O’bravia is our proprietary line of environmentally friendly outdoor fabrics. It combines many of the same advantages as more expensive acrylic options, and is backed by a 4 year warranty covering loss of color or strength from normal exposure including sunlight, mildew and rot.



Solution-Dyed Solefin® (Grade D Fabrics) – In an effort to offer a value price with quick shipping, Treasure Garden is pleased to present Solefin. These fabrics are pre-cut and sewn into 11′, 9' and 7.5' umbrella canopies, and are available in our California facility for quick shipment on umbrellas.


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